Mommy Phone Sex


Mommy phone sex is a bit taboo, but it’s not uncommon.

 Mommy Phone Sex | TeleFetish
 Mommy Phone Sex | TeleFetish

It goes something like this….


Remember me? I’m your friend’s mommy and the sexy teacher you had in high school…


I knew you were staring at my long legs as I wrote your homework assignments on the blackboard wishing I was your mommy so I could tuck you in at night and do your homework with you.  I lingered outside my home as you visited an extra long time just so you could get a good look at my tight backside and think about it all day long.


Mommy phone sex is a variation of mature or milf phone sex. Imaginary only.


Every day, you dreamed of running your hands up my smooth legs and over my round ass. The boys in the first row got the best view during class but you knew that you could get even more from me later on at night at home. When you came to visit my son and the house was quiet, I would sit on my bed and rub my knees and boobs together so that you could all hear my silky, stocking-covered legs sliding against each other. I wish you had taken a chance and came to the house alone one day.


Then, you finally did and  that was when I let down my hair and unbuttoned my blouse while you were outside.  I jumped naked into the pool and well let’s just say we had a bit of water fun. Then pretend to drown you, just so you could say, “Mommy I need you now.”


I  loved to lock the door in the classroom whenever you stayed late, pull up my skirt so you could see the top of my garters, and spread my legs wide for you as we made love on the desk and you called me mommy. I believe in giving you easy access to my hungry cunt. When I wear pantyhose, I never wear any underwear. I want you to be able to see the wet patch where my pussy has soaked through. You always were one of my son’s favorite friends. I still want to have you tear apart the crotch of my pantyhose and stuff your cock in my juicy snatch. Catch me after your divorced sometime. I’ve still got a lot that I want to help you learn about your mommy.


 Mommy Phone Sex | TeleFetish

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