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 Wife Sexting | TeleFetish
 Wife Sexting | TeleFetish

This Valentine’s Day, my  pussy-whipped husband and I attended a lovely play. It was an enjoyable romantic comedy production, but the “main performance” didn’t get underway until afterward.  We decided to ride the subway downtown into the theatre district, as parking in that area is usually insane.   On the ride back, I was in an especially teasing mood and feeling like a little bit of wife sexting to get my juices flowing.


There were only a few other subway patrons still on the train and except for one older gentleman in our car, there was no one else nearby for the final stretch before we got home.

There was no one else nearby for the final stretch of the way.



The older man was in a seat directly across from us and I could notice that he kept glancing my way and offering a sly smile. I’m used to receiving attention from men when I go out and tonight was no exception. I was in a flirty, scarlet red cocktail dress with red stiletto pumps to match.  I also had on a long black evening coat, but I kept it unbuttoned for this particular joy ride.   As I crossed my long nyloned legs, I couldn’t help but notice the handsome passenger eyeing me up and taking in inch upon inch of my finely toned calves, travelling to my exposed knees and lingering where the skirt from my dress slid up over my sensual thighs.  I love the way his lips parted open slightly when he realized I had on a garter belt.



I reached down to pretend to be adjusting my shoes and when I bent over, I know the gentleman got a nice eyeful of my cleavage.  By now my doting cuckold husband, seated next to me, was fully aware of what was going on.   He began to shift a bit and the thought that I was controlling the arousal of two men made my pussy twitch.  I sat back up slowly slid my dress up higher and higher,  deliberately opening my legs to give a sneak preview of my satin-encased, swollen cunt lips to my new voyeur friend.   I stared directly at the bulge that was forming inside of his trousers.


My hubby said, “Our stop is next,”



While smiling into the lust-filled eyes of the passenger across from us, I casually commented, “You need to get off with us,” so I gave him my digits for a little bit of wife sexting when we get home.



He was going to be my next conquest; there was no doubt in my mind.


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