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What is Phone Sex?

Phone sex is an ardent component of our everyday lives, whether we want to admit it or not. Who can say no to the open pleasure an inhibition-free sexual conversation can bring him? Just a simple phone call is transformed into the most romantic date you’ve ever had, followed by a hot night in a place where your imagination wants to take you.

It’s pretty hard to refuse yourself such an irresistible temptation. The basic meaning of phone sex is obvious: two people employ themselves into a virtual world, where they are free to imagine the other in any way they want, free to talk and visualize any sexual fantasy, and free to act upon their passionate urges right there, in the commodity of their own bed. It’s been probably around since the first telephone company has been created, and by the 1980’s all providers had a sex-on-the-phone service. Phone sex is nowadays such a common thing, that some are even embarrassed to admit they never tried it.

Is phone sex cheating?

Many men are afraid to use the phone sex services because they believe that somehow they would be cheating on their partners this way. Well, today is your lucky day, because phone sex is NOT cheating. In fact, it’s everything but cheating. Just think about it for a minute. You have such ardent fantasies, such perverted thoughts that you are embarrassed to tell your girlfriend about them. And furthermore, you know she’ll never accept such things. But the tension keeps accumulating, you can’t take it anymore, you need to do something before you find yourself picking up the first woman that meets your eyes. At this point, you’ll find yourself either cheating on the woman you love, or restraining your fantasies and blaming her for it. But with phone sex, you are free to act on each tainted thought, to fulfill every little kinky sex dream, without meeting the woman you’re talking to, without engaging yourself in any type of real sex. It’s a way to be ‘helped’ when you pleasure yourself, and let’s admit it, that’s not cheating!

Why do people call phone sex lines?

There’s only one reason why people have accustomed to call phone sex services. And I think it’s pretty obvious by now. Why turn off an offer for the greatest sex you’ve ever imagined? Why go through all that trouble trying to find someone willing to accept and perform your every wish? What if those who want to have the sex you’re dreaming of aren’t quite as attractive as you hoped? And what if you’re involved with someone and you simply can’t cheat on them? All these questions can discourage a man and make him give up his most fervent desires. But there’s no need to. A phone sex call doesn’t ask you why, your virtual lover will never say she’s not in the mood, and better yet, will be willing at any time and will help you fulfill the wildest hottest sexual experience of your dreams. People chose to call phone sex lines because they can’t keep tormenting their bodies forever, and neither should you!

Some common fantasies

In a phone sex call you can really let yourself go, there are no more restrains. You don’t have to be ashamed of your sexual dreams. A creamy voice will act upon your every wish. This way you can find a harsh voluptuous mistress who can wipe your craving body, or maybe you need a sexy slave girl to serve you well…Or maybe you’re a little baby trapped inside of a grown man’s body, a baby that’s crying for his sexy hot mamma cause he needs diaper changing . How about a 21 year old college student, sexy uniform, short skirt, undone shirt, blonde hair, who just entered in your office? Don’t you think he should be loved by her ‘daddy’? Phone sex allows you to wear your woman’s clothes when she’s not home and have a low tender voice compliment your tastes, during a call you can find your fantasy mature lady that will show you what sex really means, or you can surprise yourself with the seduction power of an exotic woman, cute Asians, hardcore black or romantic Latina women are there waiting for your call.

Some are turned on by powerful voices. With phone sex your shemale fantasies will come true without risking your reputation. A cute transsexual will caress every centimeter of you body with his warm, exciting words. No matter what you fantasy might be, phone sex is the quickest and most secure way to make them real. All you need is imagination and privacy, the rest is done by willing skilled men and women who’ll make you feel like they’re actually in the room, having the wildest, most passionate sex with you.

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