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Sending dirty texts is the best way to keep in touch with someone you really like or have a strong attraction to. More and more adults with mobile devices are participating in joys of sexting.

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Whether you are sending a text to your lover, wife or someone you met at a club. A dirty text is a fun way to let someone know that they are in your thoughts. Keeping in touch throughout the day can help to strengthen intimacy with your partner. I used to love doing phone sex calls, but I often had a hard time calling from my work to flirt with the ladies. When the office becomes busy and my coworkers are constantly interrupting me, I decided to try out the latest flirting trend. Its called sexting and its being used among adults that enjoy the thrill of flirting.


I was so surprised how easy it was to send a dirty text. I like to have fun and my approach is light-hearted, entertaining and humorous.


My flirting is playful and it brings out the feel good factor in myself and my partner. All the flirting I do has been nothing but positive for my personal relationships. I think females are attracted to optimistic sexually charged men, who want to flirt. Sexy women enjoy the chase and excitement of a dirty text, on their mobile cell device. You can be more daring with a written sext text message. Many people shy away from saying erotic expressions in person, so writing a dirty text just makes it easier. Sex texting is all about sending someone a hot naughty message. A dirty text will bring out the naughty in you. Why not give it a try send someone a dirty text. Need some practice to improve your sexting skills? On Arousr.com you can connect with real girls who love sexting