Teen 18 – 19

About the “Teen” Fetish – Otherwise known as your “Barely Legal” babe, the Teen fetish fulfills your fantasy of being with that hot girl in high school that you always used to drool and lust after, or that college freshman that’s crazy fun, and has energy to go all night long. She’s called ‘barely legal’, because she just turned 18, or maybe even 19. She’s super cheery, and up for anything; her legs are smooth, long, and lean from all those after school sport activities. Her waist is small and tight, and she has big bright eyes, and a quick and ready smile. If you like high energy, ready and willing lovin’, this is the girl for you

OMG (that means Oh My God for those of you not up on texting), I’m so excited! Actually, I’m always excited, about everything! See, I’m at the age now where I’m old enough to play…and by that I mean I can start experimenting with grown-up play :-). There’s so many things I’ve been wanting to try for such a long time, and I’ve needed just the right man to show me how, or to help me improve my skills. I don’t want to play with those high school losers, yuk! Those high school seniors think they’re “all that”, but I want someone who’s been around, and can do an expert job with the ‘up and down’ (giggles).

If only anyone knew the things I think about when I’m at school, or even at my part time job. OMG, there’s this janitor with a tight ass, and every time he bends over to pick up the trash…..ooh or my chemistry professor. Now that’s someone I’d like to have some extra credit time with, and get some chemistry going of our own…umm… you know, sometimes I have to make trips to the restroom because I get so horny, I just can’t wait to get home to my room. Or sometimes, I have to work things out in my car! One time I almost got caught by the cops, but maybe I should ask him to join me next time? What do you think? I’m old enough now, so you don’t have to hold yourself back from me anymore!

“I’ve always been Daddy’s special girl. But when I turned 18 and got this tattoo, boy was he pissed…”

I hate it when my Daddy is mad at me, but i can’t help it – I’m a bad girl 😉

Last time he was so pissed off is then I fucked his best friend at the ski resort we go on weekends.

I snuck into his friend’s room early in the morning and crawled under the sheets. I thought he might wake up when I pressed my small tits up against his body. But the only thing that woke up was his dick.

I crawled between his legs and put his smooth-shaven balls in my mouth. I ran my tongue from his sensitive sac all the way up to the head of his cock. When I tasted the early-morning precum that leaked from his cock, I squealed and licked it up like a little kitten. Sometimes when I suck his dick, I can still taste Mom’s juices on his cock. Cuz Mom really likes my father’s best friends too… That gets me really excited.

I’ve always had a thing for married men. I’ve fucked most of my Daddy’s friends, my teachers, and even my best friend’s father. I couldn’t tell my friends though. They would have been so jealous. I just got a private phone line in my room. I like to talk to older guys in the afternoon or late at night when everyone is asleep.

Call me.

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