Live Phone Sex – Submissive / Submission

 Live Phone Sex - Submissive / Submission | TeleFetish
 Live Phone Sex - Submissive / Submission | TeleFetish
About the “Submissive / Submission” Fetish 


Submissive women is a catch-all description for women who have no inclination to give orders. More to the point, this type of woman likes to give up all control, particularly in sexual situations. There are many types of fetishes in which a woman can give up her control, and this opens her up to sexual acts, and fantasies that she might not do otherwise. She’s more open, because she’s not in control, and therefore isn’t responsible for what she’s doing.


The submissive woman is the ultimate compliant, sweet, “make you feel like her king” woman. Think “Stepford Wife”, and you’ll get the idea of what you’re in for with her.


I’m here all alone, and I need to to call me because I need a man that has a plan…with my body. I was always told that there are things that “nice girls” don’t do. Well, I want to explore all of those “bad girl” things, but I’m too shy. So that’s why I need you to set me free, and have your wicked, dirty way with me.


I want to feel your big strong hands positioning my body in positions that I’ve only read about in books. I want you to take ownership of my head and mouth. I want you to make my lips your slave. I want to be your little dirty jizz-guzzler!


I want to get as raw as you want to go, baby! You want to walk me around the room while buried in my ass, you know my ass is your ass. You say you want to bring in some friends to join you? Baby, I’m the ultimate sex toy. I want you and all of your sexy, hunky friends to get hard-core with me. I want to be the best cum dumpster you guys ever shot your load on!


I like it when you get rough with me too, baby. I love it when you take my hair, and twist it around your hand, and use it like reins on a horse. I want to be like your fuck horsey!


And speaking of equipment, you love to use lots of toys and devices on me. You know I won’t object, and that any pain that you give to me is my pleasure. I get off to nothing more than when you bark your sexy orders at me, and you make me endure whatever you have for me. It doesn’t matter where we’re at; at home, at a restaurant, in the car, in the street, I’m your subject, and you are my master. I beg of you to call me so I can serve you!

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