Sexting Apps for Adults, of course

 Sexting Apps for Adults | TeleFetish

As an adult looking for some mature fun with my mobile phone, I quickly realized that Adult content is a no-no in both the Apple Store and Google Play app markets (at least this was the case at the time of writing). While I do understand that they do not want minors to access mature content, I think they should be a bit more creative and let adults play in an adults-only section where access would be restricted to 18+ folks.

Anyway, we’re here to have fun, and I don’t feel like waiting for Apple and Google to smell the coffee or get me some hot apple pie. So here’s some fun apps for adults. Pleast note that, since these apps are not listed in Apple or Google marketplaces, you will need to manually authorize installation of ‘non-market apps in your phone settings.

I will list come cool apps here, please feel free to contact me with your suggestions. Have fun!

Sexting apps are the modern version of phone sex on a mobile phone but they are a bit more visually appealing and use SMS text instead of voice to send a message.  They use the same form of mind blowing sex that phone sex does, however, the vocal aspect is not the same.

These new apps do have a pretty interesting feature though, ou can have a one on one video chat with your favourite girl, if she is willing of course.

It’s free to join and best of all you get 100 free credits to try it out, what are you waiting for?


If you’re in UK, check this out!