How do you know if you’re acting like a dick when sexting?


 How do you know if you're acting like a dick when sexting? | TeleFetish
 How do you know if you're acting like a dick when sexting? | TeleFetish
Both men and women love sexting, but some people push the limits of stupidity when it comes to sex texting.

The key to being successful at it is knowing what to do and what not to do.

  • Texting with strangers is different than doing it with people you know.

Acknowledging if the person you are talking to actually wants to engage with you is a good place to begin. For some, this new form of teasing has proven to be a little too tricky.  I mean, who knew you were not supposed to send nude images to random strangers? And, expect them to send some back.

  • Some people just don’t seem to get it or do not want to.

“It is becoming a daunting task of filtering out the ‘crazies,’ every time I open my phone,” says Marian, a professional chat host. “That is why I use a sexting app when I am working.  I only have to talk to clients and my personal information is strictly confidential.”  

If the “dic pic” trend continues people will likely decide not to engage in phone sex at all. This would be a devastating blow for the sex industry in general.

How to know if you’re being a dick or not?

Is your phone filled with nude selfies?

This is a telltale sign.  Proud of his penis, big or small, the male dick will send an abundance of unsolicited pictures of his penis to strangers.  Since sending these seems to be an official hobby, he could have about 20 such images on his phone. Most of them, I should add, without a face attached.

Psst! Guys, this tip is for you…an image of a penis without a face is about as unattractive as a hairy armpit.

Women send nude images of other people, usually for revenge.  I do not think I have to explain why this is just wrong.  Yes, women can act badly too.

Does every conversation you have start and end with “send me a pic!”

If “Hello, How are you? Or, What is your name? “are terms you no longer use, you just might be a dick. Take a quick peek at the chat logs that you have had recently. If they consist mostly of requesting a picture of someone before saying hello or goodbye. You are definitely acting like a  dick.

Do you even know nothing about the person you’re texting?

Chances are a “dick,” won’t know much about the person they’re chatting with. Nor will they care. They just want to Poke Anyone and Go.  Yes, folks, sadly, even geeks can be rude as f*ck.

Normal (for lack of a better term) people want to know the person intimately before sending or requesting nude images. It is the polite and socially acceptable thing to do. If you do not care who is on the receiving end of a message or only want to satisfy your own needs, you are being a dick. And, something tells me you already know this.

No, it is not very sexy, but then ignorance never really is.

What about fetish chat?

There is a misconception that everyone who is sexting has some weird fetish and wants to share it with you.  If you start your conversation with, “I want you to dress me up in diapers, change me and then breastfeed me,” it is likely that it will end there.  Fetishes are something unique to each individual and if you want to engage in this type of chat, you have to find someone who is willing to do so.

If after reading this you have come the realization that you have been acting this way, perhaps adult chat is not your strong suit.  

I suppose in some ways this is the reason that paid for or adult sexting apps exist. The people who actually use them are paid to look at your junk and coddle you.

Sexting is simply a matter of knowing where, when and how.  Now, I do not want to be a dick about it, but there are tons of articles like this one that explain how sexting works.  Research and learn the rules before you jump in head first. (gratuitous pun intended ~ :))

Which brings me to my next point. If you don’t want to be a dick, try some of these popular sexting sites and leave the rest of the world to sharing cute dog and cat pictures.

No Snapchat, Kik and other text messaging services are NOT sexting apps and should never be used for that.  They are messaging apps intended for use by the entire family.  The people who use them for sexual purposes are the worse dicks of all.  But, then who am I to judge.  I am just a dick.