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3 Easy Ways To Make Gay Phone Sex Better

 Gay Phone Sex | TeleFetish
 Gay Phone Sex | TeleFetish
Okay everyone, listen up. How many of you are starting to get serious with a partner, or at least have began dating someone? Well, then, you might want to pay attention. It doesn’t matter at what stage you are in the relationship, sex is going to play a part, at some point.


There are several options, when it comes to approaching the sexual part. One of the more private ways for gay people is with intimate phone chat. Phone sex is a great way for members of the gay community to gain experience and explore their sexuality. Not to mention it is also the cheapest! This gives you a chance to open up a side of yourself, that people don’t see very often.


Is This Your Situation?


Then, We Have 3 Ways You Can Spice Things Up!

1) Plan an exact day together. This might not seem sexy, but, it will be. If you are the type of person who receives several calls everyday, then it is a good idea to make a specific time. There’s nothing like getting a call from your mom in the middle of getting dirty with your partner. This will kill the mood rather quickly. Plan the precise time and tell everyone you are busy. Tell them not to disturb you. This way you and your friend can proceed without interruption.


2) Find a way to get sexy, or at least feel sexy. If your mate loves it when you are nude, well, then, by all means, do it. Let them know you are nude. Tell them how horny you are. Whisper naughty things in their ear, while over the phone. Do whatever you need, to get your partner into it. Allow the dirty talk to get as descriptive as possible. The more you let loose, the more they will share.


3) This is definitely a time and place to start touching yourself. Pick the perfect setting to do this. It’s usually best to do it in your own space, like your home or car. A place where no one can see and hear you. Maybe even a special place, something that has meaning for both of you.


Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go.

Start touching yourself. Tell them how horny you are. This will help him become aroused. Don’t be afraid to tease and seduce them over the phone. If anything is hard or wet let them know. This is one thing that drives most gay and straight people crazy. The key is to give into your emotions, use your imagination and let things run wild.


If you do this over the phone, then, imagine what will happen when you see each other again in person. Do what comes naturally. Gay phone sex is something you shouldn’t have to force. Rather, you should become just another extension of the passion you feel for each other. If you know your partner likes something specific, do it. If you know they like to hear something specific, do it.


There are no rules, Don’t be afraid to lose your inhibitions. Enjoy and be safe!

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