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Reasons You Need to Stop Stressing About Your Fetishes 

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Do you have a fetish or strange habit? If you do, don’t worry about it. There are plenty of folks out there with strange sex habits. In fact, there is nothing to be ashamed about. You may not want to share them with just anyone, however, you shouldn’t beat yourself up or live your life in fear because of them.

Gay Rights

It might sound a little strange to bring up gay rights at this moment, yet, there is an important historical connection between these two things.  One of the most important steps regarding modern gay rights happened when it was declassified by the DMS. It was no longer considered a mental illness. Yes, it used to be! 

People used to think being gay was “deviant” and assumed that nobody could be happy living this way. Thankfully, science disproved this point and doctors began to realize that gay people were unhappy because they couldn’t live with same sex partners.  Like being gay, you can view your own fetishes through the same lens. It doesn’t matter if other people don’t understand them. If you feel happy and fulfilled and it is not abusive to anyone then they are healthy (at least for you).

Culture is Relative

Never forget many kinks seem weird only because they happen to be outside of the norms of a particular culture, location or time period. However, this doesn’t mean that other cultures or other time periods will think yours is weird. BDSM was considered deviant behavior and now it’s trendy.

Your fetish may be vindicated.

Two great examples of how two ordinary things can be misunderstood are seen in bathing and jogging!

Going for a jog each morning would have branded you an eccentric as recently as 60 years ago! Only athletes took the time to run, and that was  the reason they weren’t smoking cigarettes. (Smoking was the norm.)

As for bathing, Victorians considered excessive bathing dangerous and unhealthy. Jogging and daily bathing would have been considered “weird behavior” in past cultures. Thankfully, this isn’t the case today. It is likely that your obsession will be considered healthy and normal by future groups of humans.

Say No to Shame

Seemingly strange behaviors can cause a great deal of emotional pain because of the shame associated with them even though most of them are harmless. The shame and guilt associated with them is what causes pain. This means you need to learn to say no to shame.

If there is no harm in it, and you are not hurting anyone, don’t let shame beat you up!

Take Inventory

Take inventory of your fetish. Sit down and think about any possible harm that could come from it. If there are ways you can prevent harm, take precautions. Check to make sure your fetish isn’t a serious addiction that can knock other parts of your life out of balance. Also, make sure it isn’t damaging your finances, your relationships, or your other responsibilities. If so, likely this is not a good fetish to have. If you can engage in this activity with a clean conscience, you truly have nothing to worry about! 

Through all of this, you must keep in mind that you only have one life to live. You don’t want to live your one life fearing you are missing out on something that brings you joy.  If you cannot find people to share in your fetishes perhaps it is time to connect with someone who will.

Telefetish has tons of people with a multitude of fetishes for you to chat with.  Yes, even mommy phone sex! What makes you tick? Tell us about it.