Please refer to the list below before contacting us because most often your question will be answered.  It has probably already been asked by someone else!




Q. Why am I seeing 2 numbers for the same service?

We are currently testing a new Toll Free number to provide you with a better and even cheaper service!. However, if you have any problems to connect or purchase our services using the 1-888-643-6266 number, please let us know by email here and use the old number 702-216-3535 to connect. We are currently doing our best to fix any problem that may occur. Thanks! đŸ™‚


Q. I am unable to connect using the Toll Free number (1-888-643-6266)

If you are unable to connect using this number, it may be because of:


If you are blocking your number, our systems will refuse your call. Please un-block your number and call again.
If our systems have recieved many calls from your number without any purchase being made, it may have blocked calls from your number to reduce unnecessary long distance fees. If your number has been put on this list by mistake, please send an email containing your phone number and the exact date of your last purchase with us (as it appears on your Credit Card statement) at this email address: [email protected] We will un-block your access to the Toll Free number once we have verified your information. In the meantime, you can always access the service using this number: 1-702-216-3535.
If we have received a complaint regarding your number, we may have put it on the blocked list.
There is always a possibility that the Toll Free number is not available in your area. If so, please use the 1-702-216-3535 number to access our service.

Q. How can I be connected with a girl?

A. First, check who’s online and call our number. You will be connected within a few minutes, after we verify your account.
Click here to see who is online right now


Q. Will I pay long distance charges?

A. It depends on the number you call.


1-888-643-6266 is a Toll Free Number. It will not appear on your Phone Bill.
1-702-216-3535 is a local number in Las Vegas (Nevada) U.S.A. If you are not calling from this area you may have to pay long distance charges to your phone company.

Q. Can I have a call with 2 girls?

A. Yes, if you have three-way calling and more than one receipt on your account. You’re in total control, here’s what you do: Once you connect to the first girl, ask her to hold while you use your three-way to dial into the system again to pick the second girl.


Once you’re en route or connected to the second girl then click the first girl back on for a two girl call. Simple!


Q. Where can I see who is available right now?

A. Please go to this page


Q. What will I get once I purchase a “reciept”?
A. A “receipt” is good for 1 phone call with the girl of your choice. Your will have up to 15 minutes of live talk with her. Your “reciept” can only be used on a single phone call so please make sure to take your time with your lady =)


Q. What is a “receipt”?


A. To talk live with one of our girls, you will need to buy a “Receipt”. A “Receipt” is valid for 15 minutes of live talk time on 1 call. Appreciable discounts are given for multiple receipts purchases. Please call 1-888-643-6266 and dial “9” for more information.


Q. The system keeps asking me for a “secret code” – How can i get one?

A. You will get a “secret code” when you purchase a “receipt”. To purchase a receipt, you must dial “9” when you hear the welcome message. Please hang up, dial the number again and press “9” when you hear the welcome message. The system will assign you with an “Account Number”, which will be you 10 digit phone number. Then you will be asked to select a “Secret Code”. You will need to use these 2 numbers to identify yourself every time you will use our services.


Q. What are the billing options?


a) Toll Free Number Option (1-888-643-6266) – We accept credit cards, Checks over the phone, Money Transfers and the fees are the lowest possible, being $0.66 to $1.00 per minute. All services will be discreetly billed as “ZMC” on your statement.
b) The “900” Option, If you prefer to have the service charged on your phone bill, please call 1-900-950-0950 (ext. # 200)

Q. I can’t get my Credit Card verified by the system!

A. If you are calling from U.S.A, please double check your card information, and enter the billing address printed on your Credit Card statement. Our systems use this information to prevent fraud (We do not use this information for any other reason). Please try again. If you still have problems with your Credit Card, please call our live operator at 1-888-643-6266 (USA and Canada) or 001 702 216 3536 (Other countries) to have your card verified. Operator is available from 1:00PM to 1:00AM (U.S.A. Pacific Time).


A. If you are calling from outside USA, the system may refuse your Credit Card because it is not able to verify your billing address. When the system asks for your “5 digit Zip Code” please enter the first 5 digits of your local Postal Code / Zip Code without any space between characters.



For Postal Code “H3C 3X1” (Canada) enter “43239”
For Postal Code “A99 9AA” (UK) enter “29992”
If you Postal Code / Zip Code consists of less than 5 digits, replace the missing digits with “0”
If you don’t have a Postal Code please enter “00000”. However in this case, you may need to speak with our live operator before we approve your Credit Card. Please call 001 702 216 3536 to have your card verified or choose another billing method such as Money Transfer (we accept West. Un.). Operator is available from 1:00PM to 1:00AM (U.S.A. Pacific Time).
If you are still unable to have your Credit Card approved, please call our operator at 1-888-643-6266 (USA and Canada) or 001 702 216 3536 (Other countries) to have your card verified. Operator is available from 1:00PM to 1:00AM (U.S.A. Pacific Time). This will only be required on your first call.


Q. How will you use my personal information?

A. All your personal information will be used only for the billing of the service. We will never sell or share this information with anybody. Never.


Q. Do you accept international calls?

A. YES – We have MANY customers from abroad! If you call from outside USA or Canada, please call 001 702 216 3535 line. All you need is a touch-tone phone and a credit card. This is a local call to Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). Please note that your phone company may bill you for long distance charges. Please note that you may need to talk with our live operator to get your account and Credit Card approved because the automatic system is currently unable to perform these verifications for clients outside U.S.A. This will only be required on your first call.


Q. Are you hiring Phone Sex Operators?

A. Yes – Please go to our employment page for more information.


Q. Where can I send suggestions and comments on the service?


A. You may email the webmaster here