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August 10th 2016

How The Best Phone Sex Will Make You a Better Person!         If you have heard about the new craze of the best phone sex, then you may have heard mostly negative things. Yet, when you consider the amount of technology that in bei

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July 15th 2016

Enjoy a free phone sex sexting app trial on us!   Don’t Worry Your Secrets Are Safe With US!   It is late into the night and there is a lot going on in your life right now. You are horny and need someone to talk to. You start to pick

Adult Phone Sex

July 01st 2016

Welcome to the Erotic World of Adult Phone Sex!   It is often said that the most important sex organ is the mind. This is easily demonstrated in either gender; we find it difficult to focus on being intimate when we’re distracted, bored, a

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About Telefetish


Fetish Adult Phone Chat in the Palm of your Hand.


It’s a Telefetish kind of thing!


Telefetish is one of the longest remaining phone sex operators that exists today. Located in Canada, we have been in existence since the late 80’s. Since those days our website was synonymous with all things taboo.  When it came to fetishes and hot adult phone sex, so long as the conversation is between consenting adults, our chat host are willing to talk about anything. We have not changed the format since those days, we simply updated it. Telefetish is a little more modern and a bit kinky. You are going to have to use your imagination for that part.


You can use your phone to have sex too!


As a result of new mobile technologies, many phone sex operators could not compete with the trend towards more porn and less talk, but we love our phone sex and it is going to stay where it is. Instead of jumping ship like many other operators, Telefetish decided to incorporate those technologies into our already successful website. As a result, we developed a completely new sexting platform for our clients who want to try their hand at sexting instead.


For those of you who still enjoy a little vocal imagination we still provide fetish phone sex, only it is a whole lot better than it used to be.


Choose from a number of fetish topics, enjoy a little roleplay and have yourself some fun. We are not going away anytime soon, things may look a little bit different, but it is still the same service.

Did we mention we also have Video Chat for all you voyeurs out there?  An exhibitionist’s dream come true.

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